Tuesday, February 8, 2011

trail running

We have finally arrived in Virginia! The first chance I got, I went for a run around my neighborhood.  My parents (who we're living with for now) live on a very quiet street that backs up to a branch of the Potomac River.

It makes me laugh that people talk about how cold it is here. Cold? This is balmy. I was only wearing one jacket. 

One nice perk to the Vibrams is that I am able to run on packed snow.  This stuff here was pretty slushy, but in Utah I ran on many sidewalks that were completely solidly packed snow and had no trouble. 

It was nice to go out and have no agenda or even a watch on.  While I did grow up in this area, I am seeing things with new eyes- where are good cycling routes? How can I find some running trails?

For now, I am just excited to be somewhere that has trees! And foliage!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 events

If all had gone according to plan, I would be somewhere in Kentucky right now, and arriving in Virginia tonight. But since things never go according to plan, we are still stuck in Colorado, waiting for the weather conditions to improve.  Husband and I are moving to northern Virginia, as he just graduated in December, and who really wants to settle in Utah anyway?

Anyway, with this extra time on my hands, I have been planning events for this coming season.

My goals are to do at least one triathlon (it will be my first), at least one century and one half marathon.  I also imagine there will be some additional cycling events of varying distance or other random things that come along.

Here's what I've got my eye on:

Tour de Carroll on April 23
Westminister, Maryland
metric century (63 miles)

Frederick Run Fest Half Marathon on May 7
Frederick, Maryland
Alexandria Half Marathon on May 28
Alexandria, Virginia

North Mountain Triathlon on June 18
Martinsburg, West Virginia
sprint- 400 yard lake swim (isn't that only 365 meters??), 11 mi bike, 5k run
Colonial Beach Triathlon on July 9
Colonial Beach, Virginia
sprint- 700 m river swim, 14 mi bike, 5k run

Civil War Century on September 10
full 100 mile century

I imagine the late summer and fall events will change as the year goes on. I may feel ready for an olympic distance, or maybe another half marathon or something.  I will also have to see what my work situation will be like- I expect to be working many Saturdays, so I may have to cut back. There will also be some horse events that will be added depending on how that all plays out.

If anyone is in the northern Virginia area and has recommendations for events in the area, hit me up!