Tuesday, February 8, 2011

trail running

We have finally arrived in Virginia! The first chance I got, I went for a run around my neighborhood.  My parents (who we're living with for now) live on a very quiet street that backs up to a branch of the Potomac River.

It makes me laugh that people talk about how cold it is here. Cold? This is balmy. I was only wearing one jacket. 

One nice perk to the Vibrams is that I am able to run on packed snow.  This stuff here was pretty slushy, but in Utah I ran on many sidewalks that were completely solidly packed snow and had no trouble. 

It was nice to go out and have no agenda or even a watch on.  While I did grow up in this area, I am seeing things with new eyes- where are good cycling routes? How can I find some running trails?

For now, I am just excited to be somewhere that has trees! And foliage!

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  1. That picture of your Vibrams in the snow makes my feet cold. :) Beautiful pictures. I bet you find all kinds of gorgeous places to run and ride.