Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013... By the Numbers

According to Strava & my memory:

Miles ridden: 1,021.6
Time spent on my bike: 70 hours 42 minutes
Longest ride: 105 miles, Skyline Drive
Biggest climb: 2,965 feet, Skyline Drive
Number of races/organzied rides: 2 (both centuries)
Falls: 1
Mid-Ride flat tires: 0!
Biggest cycling accomplishment: Cycling all of Skyline Drive!!!

Miles ran: 1,002.8
Time spend running: 199 hours 15 minutes
Longest Run: 26.5 miles, the DC Rock n Roll Marathon
Total runs: 122
Number of races: 3 (that's it? really? yikes.)
Biggest running accomplishment: Too many to list! Running a marathon, becoming proficient in trail running, and becoming much more aware of pace and personal running capabilities

(anyone else find it funny how close my cycling and running mileage is??)

Miles hiked on the AT: ~175
Occurrences of trail magic: 6
Favorite hike: sunrise on McAfee Knob
Biggest hiking accomplishment: doing a 22 mile day NOT as a thru hiker.

Total blog posts: 51
Favorite infographic: Kittens on the AT
Favorite link: Prancercise
Favorite post that was not a random link or picture: how to prepare for your first century
Biggest blogging accomplishment: Blogging. Somewhat consistently.

Hooray hooray, let's bring on 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fit-tastic Friday Links

How Can I Keep My Exercise Routine in the Winter? -- Lifehacker

Neil Hilborn - "OCD" -- via YouTube

"Counting calories is flawed. But here's why I still do it." -- Greatist

9 Worst Gifts for Runners -- Runner's World

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Fit-tastic! Gift Guide

For the runner:

Runner's World Magazine Subscription - ($10-$20)

Runner's World magazine covers great material for beginning and advanced runners alike. This gift keeps giving all year round!

For the cyclist:

Specialized Airtool Floor Pump - ($50)

This pump is a thing of beauty. Most cyclists, myself included, are using the pump they bought when they first got into cycling. Our friend has this pump and we just love using it. It's solid and excellent at controlling air flow. There is also a little button to release a little air and still keep an eye on the PSI.

For the cook:

Avocado Slicer & Pitter - ($9)

Any avocado lover would enjoy this handy tool.


For the yogi:
Custom yoga mat - ($40)

A darling addition to any yogi or yogi wannabe. And they have children's mats, too!

For the triathlete:

Swim/Bike/Run Pallet Wood Art - ($18)

How cool is this? Found on Etsy, this upcycled pallet decor is sure to be a unique gift for any triahtlete.

For the girl who's got everything:
Buff USA Sport Scarf - ($40)

I have the Infinity Lyocell, and I did not know I could ever love a superfluous accessory like I love this scarf. It has gone with me to the gym, to work, on hikes, to church, and everything in between. It's softer and more versatile than other infinity scarves I've seen, and I wish I could have 10 more.

For the Mama-to-be:
Buff Baby Rattle - ($10)


For the newbie:
Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag - $60 (on sale for $38.40)

How cute and functional is this bag? I love the vented compartment for your shoes. Also, the sale price can't be beat!