Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Biggest Loser - Season 14 (!)

Wanted to share this, but it gets a little weird on my personal blog when all I do is talk about health & fitness.


Biggest Loser is returning on January 6th and THIS GIRL is excited!

Article here from the LA times about each contestant and trainer. I love that everyone looks nice and normal in their photos... and then you get to Alison Sweeny. "This is my intense face! See? I'm a soap star!"

Two things:

1) Jillian Michaels is back. Yeah, she bugs me. But it makes for a good show.

2) Check out the contestants:

So instead of doing the usual "this is our biggest season yet!" they're going in a different direction. Kids and young adults!

Maybe it won't be so fun watching Jillian make someone cry when it's an 13 year old kid.

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