Monday, August 12, 2013

Virginia Happy Trail Running Club Half Marathon

edit on 9/20/13 - I survived! See my race report here
Hooray hooray, I just barely made it from the wait list into the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club Women's Half Marathon.

This race the has craziest entry system - there was the entry form, and then a lottery that told me I was forever down on the wait list, and then the adjusted wait list once everyone had confirmed they wanted to be on the wait list, and then pay via PayPal and IF you get in we'll take your money, and then finally, the move of people from the wait list to the entrants list. By my last count, I was 10th on the wait list of people who had paid their money and were hoping to get moved to the entrants list. They took 12.

I'm so excited! I've never done a trail race before. The club seems really laid back and friendly, and I like that this is a women's only event. There's something kind of hardcore and bad-a about trail running. I expect some cool photos.

The downside? Training. Lest we forget, I have a century coming up. I will have two weekends in between the century and the half marathon. If it were a regular road race, I wouldn't sweat it. But a trail race? The only day I can get in a good trail run is Saturday, when I have the time and daylight. But what am I doing on Saturdays? Spending a ridiculous amount of time on my bike.

But I'll figure it out; I always do! Can't wait for September 14th.

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