Friday, February 21, 2014

Fit-tastic! Friday links

Only two links today, but both worth reading:

Putting Pin to Paper -- Runner's World

"Maybe it’s the paper, rustling against my clothes. Maybe it’s the early morning wake up, the intention behind what I eat, when I go to bed, and what I have laid out on my dresser. Maybe it’s being part of the pack, the community, the sense of truly belonging someplace... . Maybe it’s the ache at day’s end that says “you did something good today". Pinning on a number is bold. It says, yes, I am a runner. It speaks to the idea of getting out there, putting ourselves out there, and the glory of the try."

"1200 Calories" -- Sophieologie (warning, there's some language)

"[Women] should be exposed to the same messages [as men] of eating nutritious food, with lots ‘o protein, and enough calories to build our bodies into Goddess-like proportions. We should not fear muscle. We should not shy away from the weight room because it is perceived as “odd” and out of place when a woman approaches the squat rack. I am so tired of watching my girlfriends get mislead by the media on how to be healthy. I am so annoyed by this skinny obsession – which literally robs women of their power."

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