Monday, May 9, 2011

Cap2Cap Recap


First  race  organized ride of 2011! The Cap2Cap in Richmond or Williamsburg, VA. We had some friends that do this ride every year and love it.  Participants choose from full, half, or quarter century distances and can either start in Williamsburg (the former capitol of Virginia) or Richmond (current capitol).  The full century goes from one city to the other- hence the Cap2Cap name.  Husband and I opted for the half century. I wanted to have the rest of the day to go to colonial Williamsburg and I also felt like I wouldn't be ready for the full 100.

I always tell myself that I need to take more pictures of events. So... here's what I got.

We got to the start 40 minutes early, giving us plenty of time for bike assembling, packet pickup, and potty stops. I commend the ride organizers for varying the start times for the different distances, allowing packet pickup and the starting point to be less crowded. 

The route was beautiful! It took us through wooded country roads with few hills.  We kept a really good pace (for us) of 17mph and enjoyed the whole ride.  The "feed zones" were sufficiently stocked. I may have had some comments in this area if I were doing the full century.  There were a few different bars and trail mixes out, but if I were doing the whole thing I would have hoped for more variety like the other centuries we've done. But we were fine for the 50 miles and didn't even stop at all of them.

One thing I really liked about the Cap2Cap was the finish line festivities. Because of the staggered start times, all riders were ending around lunch time and there was a great catered lunch. 

We had a great first event of the season! More to come!

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  1. Nice ride you got to go on. I like stagger ride times as well, at least you dont make the mistake of turning at the wrong area following the wrong distance, which I been guilty of in the past