Sunday, June 5, 2011

stuff i dig: osprey 2 l water reservoir

Osprey 2 liter Hydraform Water Reservoir

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About a year ago, I got a day pack with water reservoir at Costco for 20 bucks. What a steal. Not as cute as the Camelbak brands, but I was willing to sacrifice looks for a third of the price.  This backpack (a pretty detailed review can be found here) fit my needs perfectly for day hike use, but I had some serious complaints about the water reservoir, or more specifically, the mouthpiece. After just a few uses, it was leaking like crazy. I took it back to Costco and exchanged it for the same product, but had the same results a couple months later. Lame, but hard to complain when it came with such an inexpensive backpack.

Solution? The Osprey 2 liter! This will fit in most backpacks and day packs comfortably and has an easy to use cap.  Even on first use, my water did not taste plastic-y and the mouthpiece is holding up well.  My mom has used this product on several multi-day backpacking trips and loves it.

(Note: Originally, I ordered the 3L for 2 dollars more. An extra liter for two dollars? No brainer. However, the 3L won't fit in most packs.)

It comes with an interesting magnet on the mouthpiece that can clip to your should strap or shirt, to make the mouthpiece more accessible.  I found it to be awkward and unnecessary, so I just didn't use the magnet clip.

Hooray for Osprey for making wonderful products!

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