Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stuff I Dig: Immersion Blenders

For Christmas, my mom got us an immersion blender from Costco. We love it! As an avid spinach smoothie drinker, this is the perfect kitchen tool. Regular blenders are hard to use for a single serving smoothie and require more cleanup. Those little smoothie blenders just don't work very well. But this immersion blender, or hand blender, is perfect.

We use this for spinach smoothies, pureeing soups (this roasted acron squash recipe is my favorite!), and the food processor attachment for quick jobs when we don't want to get the big food processor out. I hate chopping onions, so this little tool is awesome. Clean up is a cinch because the wand detaches from the base with a quick press of a button, and after a rinse in the sink it's ready to go again.

When the subject of immersion blenders first came up between Beau and I, I was describing it and he said, "Yeah, a milkshake maker." Depends on your perspective, right? Green smoothie maker... milkshake maker... whatever your heart desires.
Want to jump on the green smoothie bandwagon, but not sure where to start? This week I'll post on how to make a great spinach breakfast. I'll give you a hint: you need a bunch of spinach, some fruit, and it's super easy.

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