Monday, January 3, 2011

a (late) 2010 wrap up

I began this post back in December to wrap up the year 2010.  I started writing about how great it was this year that I really fell in love with endurance sports and started being a fitness person instead of a person who did fitness things.

This lead me to talk about the mental shift that's involved with this type of change, and more specifically, my brain's relationship with food and fitness. And that was hard. I kept trying to come back to this post, to elaborate and write more, but found myself procrastinating. For anybody who's had a "relationship with food" (those who have know what I mean. Others who are luckier, like Husband, have no idea) knows how hard it can be to put in to words what is going on in their head.

So, I saved it as a draft and will revisit that and one day formulate my thoughts on the mental challenge of changing bad eating patterns.

As for the intended 2010 review, I will say that I feel very accomplished and blessed to have been able to complete my first centuries and half marathon.

People ask how we got "into" cycling and endurance sports. Honestly, it was because I had a friend who cycled and had run a marathon and did things. She called me one time and said, "Hey, do you want to go pull weeds on Saturday morning with me for Earth Day?"

Who does that? But I went with her anyway and had a grand time. Afterward, we perused the REI that was next door (I call that fate) and chatted over lunch.

And after that, I decided that I can do what I want, too! I can run. I can ride bikes. I can go hiking. I can decide how I want to live my life and spend my time.  Shortly thereafter I bought my first road bike from Craigslist, a blue 1980's Raleigh, and it was all over from there.

This "little" 2010 wrap took much more time and went in a totally different direction than I intended.  But I hope that somehow, I can show someone that it's not hard to achieve goals you didn't even know you had.


  1. I think we're very similar in how we fell into endurance sports. My family got me a bike, I got lost riding it, and realized that I could ride a lot further than I'd ever imagined (my "accidental" ride was about 15 miles, which was a loooong ride for me then). I had no interest in running, and then my sister-in-law asked if I wanted to run a 5K from there. I will say that having slight obsessive tendencies helps.

    Hope your 2011 holds great things for you!

    P.S. They're big goals, but basically just participation goals, hence the low bar remark.

  2. i definitely have a relationship with food and i can't wait to read your thoughts on eating patterns. love this post!