Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iron Christmas 70.3- SUCCESS!

Well friends, not only did I complete the Iron Christmas challenge, I WON!

I stuck to my aforementioned schedule, with my only complaint being that I ran really slow those last couple days. We were in Colorado with Husband's family, and I didn't have a treadmill to force me to keep a decent pace. I did, however, have a nice Labrador and a great lake trail to keep me company.

The final rundown can be found here at the Super Fatlete. I kind of feel like I cheated being on a spin bike and watching a movie, but there were no rules against it.

I ended up doing the 1.2 mile swim in three sessions in 56 minutes. The 56 mile bike I did in two sessions in 2 hours 45 minutes. The 13.1 mile run was broken into four or five sessions and took me 2:27 (which is funny to me, because I did the halloween half in 2:05. Why was I going so slow?)

Can't wait to get the prize in the mail!

Things I learned:
- I can swim. And it's kind of fun.
- I can find time to work out for multiple hours a day if I am motivated enough.
- If you act like you know what you're doing, the gym staff will not question you (case in point- wheeling the spin bike all the way across the gym to the cardio cinema room).
- I am not scared to do my first real triathlon anymore.

Huge thanks to Luke for putting all this together!


  1. since you got on the podium the other prize that Luke didn't tell you about is a membership to my social networking site I can't believe I was just that crass but yep, I was.

    PS next year now that I know you are in the field I'm not going to add hills to the bike portion :)

  2. You did a great job! Like you, the virtual race motivated me to do the real thing this year. Way to go! :)