Friday, July 12, 2013

Fit-tastic Friday Links

Dustin Hoffman on Female Beauty -- Huffington Post [If you only click on one link out of this list, please let it be this one.]

Reasons You Shouldn't Go to the Gym Today-- Buzzfeed [Who needs working out, anyway?]

6 Bad Excuses for Overeating -- Healthy Living MSN [I'd like to add my own personal and well used favorite... "But I ran/hiked/rode  X number of miles on Saturday! I can eat whatever I want!" Yes, this works to some extent for one meal. Or one day. But not all weekend!]

6:36 Mile in Death Valley... Dressed as Darth Vader -- Runner's World [Really, people? This is a thing?]

And, in the Biggest Loser news...

Tara Costa, "Biggest Loser" Contestant, Sued over Weight Gain

Ruben Studdard of American Idol to Compete on the Biggest Loser

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