Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from the Shenandoahs

Shenandoah National Park is only an hour's drive away from us, and we've been twice in the past week to enjoy the scenery. Motorists and cyclists take Skyline Drive, snaking through the Shenandoah range from Front Royal to Waynesboro for 100 miles. Dozens of vistas along the way and 4 or 5 waysides offer perfect rest stops. The Appalachian Trail parallels the road, with several blue blazed off shoots for shorter day hikes.

This weekend we had an awesome bike ride on Skyline Drive; the kind of ride that makes you get totally psyched for the rest of the summer and fall in love with your bike all over again. Husband and I went out with our favorite riding partner (who happens to be 30 years our senior) and got some great shots.

Here's a few photos from our various trips to the Shennies over the past couple years. Looking through these, I'm reminded of how great it is that you can experience each season here in Virginia.

northern entrance to the park, October 2011

 Hightop Mountain, May 2012

~milemarker 10, October 2011

 random rock outcropping, June 2012 

remnants of thru hikers at Loft Mountain Wayside, May 2012

Old Rag, March 2013

Overall Run Falls, July 2013

Old Rag, March 2013

somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, June 2012

Hogback Overlook, July 2013

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