Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iron Christmas 70.3- The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Remember back in December, when I competed in the Iron Christmas 70.3? And won?

I entered it by total coincidence. I happen to click on Lucas's blog from a comment he made on Fat Cyclist. One comment of several hundred (literally) because I was bored at work. He had just posted the virtual race details, and I figured I had nothing better to do than accept this random blogger's challenge.

Best decision ever.

Not only was the virtual race a fun challenge over the holidays, it taught me a little about myself. That I can swim enough to get by, I can workout for several hours with a little motivation, etc.

Anyway, here's all the awesome stuff I got in the mail last weekend for winning:

A TON of Gu and Chomps, courtesy of OutsidePR.  There was a mixup with shipping, and they were kind enough to throw in some extras.

Not one, but TWO pairs of Ryders Eyewear sunglasses, also from OutsidePR. Can't decide which one I like better- the silver ones are transition and the black ones are normal.

Gift certificate to Everyday Endurance. I've picked which shirt is my favorite, but I don't feel like I can order it until I've done a real tri myself...

And last but not least... a Road ID!!

I was so excited to order this.  The last line is typically a motivational quote or something funny, so of course I felt pressure to think of something clever in only 24 characters.  It was really funny to google and see some ideas- "Shut up, legs!"  "Is my bike OK?" "I run so I can eat what I want!"

I was looking for something more motivational, and Husband thought of a perfect and simple idea: "Endure to the end". My religion is a very important part of my life, and "endure to the end" is a common saying or slogan among LDS people.

Thanks again to Lucas at the Super Fatlete, OutsidePR, and Everyday Endurance!

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